Mares Twin Balanced Piston Dry Kit 62X / 52X / 15X / 25XR


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The Twin Balanced Piston Dry Kit protects your Mares 15X first stage from icing up when diving in temperatures below 10°C.

The Twin Balanced piston is sold as an additional accessory for Mares 15X first stages. The TBP is the most innovative alternative for cold water diving kits.

The Twin Balanced Piston provides a fully insulated first stage, ensuring maximum reliability in both freezing waters and at extreme depths. This technology is extraordinarily responsive to pressure variations and even meets the requirements of the NORSOK U-101 at a depth of 200 m.

With the innovative 'Pistophragm' technology of the Twin Balanced Piston, Mares offers an incredibly responsive system that works perfectly at any depth and water temperature. It is also very easy to assemble and repair. This fully insulated system is the perfect set-up for divers, from those diving in contaminated water situations to adventurous scuba divers under ice.