"No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal"

-----Jacques Cousteau----


Let your journey begin

Deep Blue Diving, the different dive centre in the Atlantic Ocean. Fuerteventura, one of the best dive spots in Europe.

Deep Blue Diving

We regularly organise trips to Deep Blue Dive Centre. Having dived personally with Deep Blue Dive Centre since 2004 I've always found it to be a amazing experience both in the water and out.

The diving there can be truly unbelievable, the Salinas Reef which is just a small boat trip can be alive with fish. You can see huge shoals of Barracuda, Sardines, Torpedo Rays, Eagle Rays, Blue fin Tuna and many more.

 You could even see the very rare Angel Shark which is in the top 100 for extinction.

We use Deep Blue Dive Centre as a base to do some of our diving programs. We organise trips when the flights are cheap making it an affordable mini break. Diving, exploring and generally having fun.

Courses are available from Open Water to Professional including crossover Programs.

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Contact us for the next dates we're over at Deep Blue, come and join in the fun

Deep Blue is uniquely positioned, not only being able to cater for divers but its location within the harbour places it very close to the town of Caleta. All the local amenities bars, restaurants, shops and the child friendly beach making it a ideal place for a family holiday

The Angel Shark

The Angel Shark is one of the most amazing Sharks you could ever see. It is in the top 100 for extinction but we are incredibly lucky at Deep Blue as we encounter them on most dives.

The Angel Shark was deemed extinct in the UK waters in 2004. Being one of the only shark that doesn't need to swim to get oxygen, it buries its self in the sand to ambush its pray, because of this we have dredged it into extinction.

When provoked, the Angel Shark will turn its sharp teeth on humans, but in general the Angel Shark is much more afraid of us taking a big bite out of him.

Sharks have swum in the oceans for almost 450 million years, the newest shark to join the family are the Hammerheads which date from around 35 to 50 million years ago.

Man's recent slaughter of sharks does not mesh well with sharks reproductive capacity. Most sharks take years to reach sexual maturity and raise a few pups in a lifetime.

Thus, the 450 million year legacy of sharks may be meeting its greatest challenge yet,             

 !! MAN !!

We must change the whole concept that sharks are dangerous and kill thousands of people all over the world daily, just think about this   last year faulty electric toasters killed 791 people around the world and 9 by sharks.

Fuerteventura Deep Blue 2017

Fado Rock

The last meal after a great weeks diving, not only do we have fun diving but we have a great time in the evenings too.

A great gang

A great group photo newly qualified divers along with a
few experienced divers joining the group.

You meet all kinds of people

You never know who your going to meet at Deep Blue, what a night we had Charlotte kept Mike Bushell dancing all night.

A proud day

Congratulations to you both you were a pleasure to teach, I had a great time with you both.

Not only is it important to enjoy the diving but we also want to look after the none divers. With the beach just ten minutes away and the bars and restaurants just a short stroll away I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

One of my proudest moments of my diving career becoming a Instructor
and one of the hardest two weeks of my life.

A few short films from Deep Blue

One of our films from the dive show

Take a minute or two you won't be disappointed. 

Deep Blue dive show 

A truly awesome place, we are never disappointed both in and out of the water.

Deep Blue mountain biking

A great little bike ride unfortunately  with a flat tyre but luckily we had an inflator too hand.

Always fun at Deep Blue

A morning briefing with the legend that is Miguel.

What a sight 

We couldn't believe our eyes dolphins everywhere what an unforgettable trip.

What an awesome trip as usual

A few photos of our recent trip

New SSI Open Water Divers, SSI Stress & Rescue Divers

and Jessica Passing her Dry suit Speciality.

It certainly was a busy few days.

Fuerteventura March 2019

A few Photos of a place that means so much to me, an awesome place with amazing memories that will last a life time

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It's not all about diving

Rob's face when he was reunited with his torch is a picture. He'd lost it on one of the dive sites and we sent out a search party to find it. A great video of Marks antics not bad at all.

Working together making a great team!

Our Part of the team

We've been organising trips for over 5 years, both for pleasure and teaching. The dive family you build during your life time, quickly becomes a  family for life. The responsibility can be immense looking after everyones welfare and safety . We have a great team always working together. 

Deep Blue

Deep Blue boasts a prime location on the water's edge, allowing easy access to our RIBs which speedily deliver us to any of our numerous exclusive divesites. There is no need for tiresome shorediving and long hikes down the beach. You cannot miss us in the harbour when you discover El Castillo for the first time.

CEO: Volker Berbig, Roland Mårtensson

Working with Volker and Roland, making sure each trip is successful is paramount. It's mutual !! Having the same goals Safety, Building Confidence while  Having Fun.
They have been building characters for over 20 years at Deep Blue.

Contact us for the next dates we're over at Deep Blue, come and join in the fun.
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A lot of smiling faces after a great days diving, unfortunately the weather was against us, in-fact it was warmer and dryer under the ocean.

No matter what  we had a great time.

Farne Islands

We organise trips to the Farnes, the seal activity here is amazing.

The Farnes consist of almost 30 small islands and rock outcrops which lye between 2 and 4 miles of the Northumberland coast. They are split into two main groups separated by a stretch of water known as the Staple Sound.

Diving in and around the Farnes Islands, you will not believe how inquisitive the grey seals are. They come up to say hello and even try to pinch a fin or two. With numerous wrecks littering the sea bed from as little as 8m of water to the Somali. This is a passenger-cargo steamer built in 1930 and sunk in the March of 1941 after being bombed by a German Heinkel 111. The Somali sits upright in 30m of water near Beadnell, the hull is intact but can only be dived in slack-water.

The topography is truly amazing with a vast array of anemones, dead men's fingers and many crustaceans. Here the sea bed comes alive and you could be lucky enough to see the spectacular wolf fish.

One of the lighthouses

There are currently two lighthouses operated by Trinity House on the Farne Islands. The first was built in 1673 but never lit; replaced in 1773, which was replaced with the current Farne Lighthouse in 1811.

Built in 1826 the Longstone Lighthouse visitor centre can be visited.

Some of the critters

Contact us for the next dates we're going to the Farne Islands

 and come and join the fun.


Inland Dive Centre

What a unbelievable Dive Centre Capernwary is, based on the edge of the Lake District boasting crystal clear water, great under water attractions, amazing fish life, great access and a friendly atmosphere.

We use the dive centre to do some of our training programs due to its good visibility, it has purpose designed training platforms at depths from 2 meters to 12 meters allowing every training requirement.

It has two piers for deep water entries and a concrete slipway for easy access to the water.

It has various underwater attractions including a twin engined jet plane a former minesweeper HMS Podsnap, a light Cessna aeroplane, two helicopters and a small submarine in the style of Thunderbird 4