"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free"

----- Jacques Cousteau----

About Bespoke Diving Adventures

What we stand for !

We are a small team of SSI Instructors and dive professionals working together to teach you how to dive, giving you the necessary knowledge, skills, education to make diving safe and fun.

The happiness of a bee and a dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.-----Jacques Cousteau.


We offer high quality diver education. Our aim is to make diving safe and fun. There are four distinct ingredients in becoming a diver - proper knowledge ,skills, equipment and experience this we call the SSI Diver Diamond.


Knowledge replaces anxiety and fear with correct information.

No matter in which way you decide to take your dive program, by using the SSI Total Teaching System and your sessions with your Dive Professional, You will be amazed how quickly you will learn.


The best way to learn essential skills is through continuous and correct repetition. 

This is the SSI's signature water training method."Comfort Though Repetition" We give you plenty of time to practice the skills to turn you into a competent and comfortable diver, these skills will soon become second nature


During class we want you to be as comfortable as possible with your equipment and gain confidence from it. Your Dive Professional will explain how important your equipment is to you, and they will help with any decisions you make about owning your own equipment. 

Ultimately the decision will be your's weather to invest in your own Total Diving System, our experience have taught us that owning your own Equipment  makes it more comfortable and increases your diving ability, and adds an element of well-being and confidence to your experience.


While training develops knowledge and skills, the only way to gain experience as a diver is, to go diving . The more you dive, the more you will enjoy the sport, meet new people and gain new experiences. So go out and dive but most of all,


We teach you to always apply the SSI Responsible Diver Code and why it's so important and how you can always live up to it every time you dive. There are Six parts of the SSI Responsible Diver Code.

I pledge to:

1. Dive within the limits of my ability and training.

2. Evaluate the conditions before every dive and make sure they fit my personal capabilities.

3. Be familiar with and check my equipment before and during every dive.

4. Respect the buddy system and it's advantages.

5. Accept the responsibility for my own well-being on every dive.

6. Be environmentally conscious on each and every dive.

We realise that sometimes its difficult to commit to a schedule, but the SSI way of learning means we can work together to achieve your dreams.


Dive Centre / Classroom

We have a small retail area specialising in Mares Diving equipment & Azdry Drysuits we have limited stock but can usually get anything from Mares within a week (if in stock at Mares). We work closely with both Mares & Azdry making sure we are competitive with our prices. We also have an in house Mares Service Technician, so we can make sure your equipment is well looked after.

To view the latest Mares Catalogue use the link below 


----Jacques Cousteau---- Once said "The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever!"

Unlike some underwater animals we need to breath clean air to survive and have fun exploring.


We can provide Air fills up to 232 bar.

Our Air is quality checked and passes all current uk laws.

Contact us for prices and availability.


Equipment Hire 

You can hire what ever you need from a mask and fins for a holiday trip to a full set of diving equipment contact us for prices.