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Bespoke Diving Adventures 

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It's that simple your seconds away from a new exciting adventure.

Bespoke Diving Adventures are working in partnership with Dive Assure, offer all students while participating a SSI Dive Program free Diving insurance. We can also help you out with your diving insurance. 

We are a SSI Dive Centre based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and are currently preparing a small retail area with a newly fitted classroom. Please make a appointment to call in for a coffee, a chat and meet the team. 

A small team of SSI Instructors and dive professionals all working together to teach you the necessary knowledge, skills and education to make diving safe and fun.

Our mission is to create safe, comfortable, enthusiastic divers, always ensuring a personal and enjoyable experience with Bespoke Diving Adventures.

We want to focus on small class numbers, high quality service and personal time with each student making learning fun.

Skills are taught through repetition, you complete a skill, over and over, in the pool, to ensure that you never forget. 

We want our students to feel 100% safe and comfortable when diving with us.

Every course is monitored and a feed back form is provided to every student upon completion.

Being a SSI instructor we teach using the 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% of the course is set out by SSI and the 20% can be flexible and based on the local diving conditions, students ability and the students learning methods and time.

SSI certifications are recognised all around the world, your diving certification is your passport to the world to any dive site suitable for your training and experience.

This is where the fun starts

This is where it can all happen, you can have a whole new underwater experience. Scuba Diving is so much easier than you could ever imagine  there is nothing like it.

With the SSI Training materials and the online Training Program you can learn the theory at your own pace. Being a SSI instructor I will work closely with you giving you the knowledge and the skills you will need to make diving safe, fun and exciting.

You will be able to explore a world that few people ever have the opportunity to see. You will be able to participate in your own underwater adventure with all it's magnificence and marvel at creatures both large and small, while been suspended in liquid space.

Being a SSI instructor my aim is to build your knowledge and skills at your own pace around your times.

It couldn't be easier we will:

Fill in all the necessary paperwork together, 

Register your details with SSI and Download your manual on to your laptop, mobile or tablet.

 The globally-recognised certification programs are the best way to both begin and continue your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver.

 Personalised training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater.

Click on the SSI banner above to access your free Digital materials and start learning straight away.

It's that simple your seconds away from a new exciting adventure.


After the registration, you'll have free access to our Basic Freediving /Snorkeling, Try Scuba and Scuba Diver programs on your web browser. If you are on a mobile device, register your profile and continue with Step 2.

For more information on how you can change your life and see some of the unbelievable sights underwater don't hesitate to contact us.

The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as ever before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.----- Jacques Cousteau

We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilisation is all about -  farming replacing hunting.

----Jacques Cousteau----

If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.

----Jacques Cousteau----


If your interested in getting your scuba diving certification and become a proficient diver, capable of diving a variety of dive sites around the world, gaining experience and hopefully becoming an advanced diver. You've probably heard of the two main agencies SSI and Padi.

What does SSI stand for? SSI stands for Scuba School International.

What does Padi Stand for? Padi stands for Professional Association Of Diving Instructors.

SSI vs. Padi which one is better?

Every training agency will teach you how to be a skilled diver, there are certain skills every diver needs to have, both agencies follow the general framework laid down by the World Recreation Scuba Diving Council. There are no significant difference in the skills and requirements every diver needs to have, both agencies create capable divers.

SSI or Padi Certification?

The choice comes down to personal preference and other factors such as: 

The confidence you have in them and 

The professionalism of the dive centre. 

Of equal importance is your learning environment.

How does the cost of certification and training materials differ between the two?

Both agencies offer online training but with SSI it's free where as with Padi eLearning is extra.

When you compare prices for open water courses or any course make sure you calculate the total package including: 

All course material,

Certification fee, 

All equipment and

Entrance fees to dive sites. 

A "cheap" course at first glance can work out more expensive once all the extras have been included.

SSI vs. Padi Coursework Involved

It is generally acknowledged that the dive instructor, rather than the course itself, is the most important factor in learning to dive. How well you learn the skills you need to be a scuba diver depends on the relationship you build with your instructor.

The coursework involved with both agencies gives you the skills and knowledge you need to become a comfortable and safe diver. This is due to both adhering to the standards set forth by the governing body the "WRSTC". There are only very minor differences between SSI and Padi certification programs.

The SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

While in Padi you can go from Open Water Diver and then instantly go for your AOWD with no prior experience, with SSI you are required to have a little bit more. SSI need to ensure you have the requisite skills and so you need to have undertaken 4 specialities, including 24 open water dives. The SSI Advanced Adventurer is equivalent to the Padi Advanced Open Water certification.

Whilst SSI allow you to crossover and certain bridges exists, it is a little harder to fulfil Padi's requirements for a cross-over.

SSI and Padi certifications 

Because both agencies adhere to the guidelines set forth by the "WRSTC", you can rest assured that your SSI and Padi certification will be recognised at dive centres around the world.

SSI and Padi dive centres have access to a database of students and certifications on line. So if you forget your certification card, the dive centre will be able to access your information on line. All that is required is your name and date of birth.

Your dive certifications can be accessed on each agencies app on your phone or tablet. The DIVESSI app also holds a variety of checklists: 

A hand signal review 

First aid flow charts and of course 

A list of all SSI dive centres.

SSI vs. Padi: flexibility in Teaching Methods

SSI allows its instructors to have more flexibility in teaching their students, whereas Padi courses are more rigid. 

Therefore, SSI instructors have the ability to add more personalised or additional information to the course. Although this is known as "over-teaching" it gives both the instructor and the student more leeway with the course structure. With Padi this is prohibited as the course must be taught in Padi format.

The main difference between SSI and Padi is the way they teach the 'out of air' scenario.

During the Padi open water course, the priority is teaching the diver whom has run out of the air to reach for the spare regulator (octopus) from his dive buddy.

The SSI approach is based on experience and the fact that an 'out of air' diver will instinctively reach for the nearest available air source (the one in their buddies mouth). SSI prepare the student who hasn't run out of air, how to react in this situation. You calmly give your regulator to your buddy and use your spare octopus to resume breathing.

Who is the best scuba diving agency

There is no best, all organisations teach you how to become a capable and comfortable diver.

In the end it will be down to how much you want to learn and your relationship with your instructor. 

There is only one thing that lets you evolve into a great diver and that is spending time under the water. 

There is no substitute for experience and knowledge, these breed confidence and enjoyment.