Mares Standard Inflatable Buoy


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The Standard buoy marker has a 20 metre line. It can be folded and stored in the small, durable pouch with a hook. It can be placed in the pocket of the buoy or hung on the equipment using the hook.

The standard 'Dive Below' diver buoy signals the diver's presence during the dive. Thanks to its bright orange colour it is easily visible even from a distance.
Once folded and stored in the small, durable bag with hook, the buoy can be slipped into the pocket of the buoyancy aid or even secured to the equipment via the hook. It is equipped with a 20 m cable and various hooks for easy use underwater and on the surface.
The small lead weights are integrated into the base of the buoy to ensure a correct buoyancy and can be folded down for easy inflation.
It is manufactured from highly durable PVC material.

The main features of this buoy are:
- Orange colour for high visibility
- Equipped with an orange pouch with a hook and loop
- 20m of line and hooks
- Integrated ballast for adequate buoyancy at the surface
- It can be stored in the buoyancy compensator pocket.