Mares R2XR First Stage - XR Line


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The R25-VR first stage is included in the regulator range by Mares for its simplicity and lightness. Its user-friendly piston-controlled structure is totally reliable and is also produced in the oxygen compatible version.
Mares has included the R25-VR first stage within its product range, due to its simplicity and lightness. Having a very simple structure, it is totally reliable and is also marketed in its Oxygen compatible version. Therefore it can also be used for the use of stages with high percentages of oxygen. Having the AST system too, it can be disassembled in the water and inserted on another stage without being flooded.

The key features of the R25-VR Technical Regulator are:
• Very light: 432 g. Robust and compact
• Easy cleaning and maintenance
• Piston control
• Very simple and reliable
• DIN only
• AST - Auto Sealing Technology. Keeps the first stage dry. Reliability without any compromises. The system is automatically activated by air. Tested with oxygen and low temperatures in demanding environments. Patented system.