Mares Octopus Dual Adj


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The Dual Adj octopus is made of lightweight technopolymer. It allows airflow adjustment and offers smooth and easy breathing at all depths. With an oversized purge button and Superflex hose.

The Octopus Dual Adj is made of ultra lightweight technopolymer and offers smooth and easy breathing at all depths. It has a pneumatic assisted (P.A.D.) design and Mares' exclusive patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) systems. The newly developed adjustable breathing knob helps divers enjoy a customised breathing experience, even when wearing thick gloves.
True to the Mares brand, the Octopus Dual Adj exceeds performance standards at 200m and uses proven technology at 400m. This highly developed delivery system offers high-performance at a very competitive price while providing all the features needed by today's demanding divers. Equipped with a Superflex hose and oversized purge button.