Mares Juno Diving Mask Single Lens


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The Juno diving mask is a single lens. This mask is made of frameless silicone and has swivel buckles on the face. Lightweight and comfortable, it is available in a wide range of colours.
The Juno diving mask is the new mask from the Scuba Diving product line. The silicone face material gives the product softness and lightness while allowing it to fit perfectly to the face. For additional fit and adaptability to different facial shapes, this mask is made of frame-less silicone and features rotating buckles on the face piece, which can be adjusted with a simple touch even while diving.
Juno offers a wide field of vision thanks to its single lens.
Available in multiple colour variations of buckles, frame and silicone (black, white, transparent and coloured base). The result is a product line that meets the needs of even the most demanding divers.
The main features of the Juno diving mask are:

- Frameless single lens mask
- Silicone face piece
- Same model as the Jupiter diving mask but with a normal fit
- Wide field of vision
- Lightweight
- Comfortable swivel buckles on the face piece.