Mares Diver's Alert Marker Buoy


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The 'Diver Below' buoy marker has highly visible orange panels and a reflective band. It is designed with an automatic holding system and a special system that allows it to be inflated with the buoy hose.

The diver buoy 'Diver below' signals the diver's presence during the dive. Thanks to its length of 180 cm, width of 15 cm and bright orange colour it is easily visible even from a distance.
It is equipped with a self-sealing system and discharge valve in case of over-inflation. It allows you to insert a torch in the pocket and is equipped with a stainless steel D-ring. This tank can also be inflated using the low pressure hose of the BCD.
Manufactured from highly durable PVC material.

The main features of this buoy are:
- Height 180 cm and width 15 cm to ensure high visibility
- 5cm reflective solas band
- Self-sealing system
- Mouth inflation connector for low pressure jacket hose
- Discharge valve
- Dedicated torch pocket
- Stainless steel D-ring