Mares Bluelink Pro Interface


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The Bluelink Pro interface allows you to download your scuba diving profiles to the MYSSI app.

You will finally be able to store all the data from your diving trips and track your progress.
Bluelink Pro is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface that enables communication between a dive computer and a smart device via a dedicated app. The smart device must be compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy technology version 4.0. The app allows the smart device to connect to the dive computer to download data.
Compatible dive computers are the Quad, Quad Air, Smart, Smart Air, Smart Apnea, Puck Pro +, Puck Pro (NO firmware upgrade).
In order to view your dive profiles you will need to download the MYSSI App.

With the Bluelink Pro interface you will be able to:
- download the dive computer logbook using low-energy bluetooth technology
- View profiles and dive data in the MYSSI App available for Android and iOs devices.
Please refer to the dive computer's user manual for a description of how to connect.