Mares 28XR First Stage - XR Line


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The technological features of the 28XR 1st stage make it the very best among technical diving products. The 28XR 1st stage has exclusive features, such as a vertical port and 4 lateral ones that mean it is perfectly suited to stage, double tank and sidemount configurations.
Mares fitted the 28XR first stage with the very best in modern regulator technology. It uses the innovative balanced diaphragm concept, which is operated by a double piston, all ecologically sealed using AST - Auto Sealing Technology. This also guarantees a perfect seal against the possible entry of sand or particles, especially in cave diving or in polluted waters, also giving the diver the possibility of removing it in the water without flooding it. The rotating turret with vertical low pressure outlet and 4 more low pressure outlets make it usable in all configurations. Its flexibility allows it to be used on a double tank, in stages and in sidemount configurations.

• Regulators for sidemount
• Regulators for rear configuration
• Regulators for stage

The main features of the 28XR are:
• Polished chrome metal body
• Natural DFC on all LP outlets
• Balanced membrane and watertight TBP system (Twin Balanced Piston)
• Watertight anti-infiltration technology (Auto Sealing Technology, AST)
• 4 LP ports on a revolving turret
• 1 vertical LP port
• 2 symmetrical HP ports at an angle of 10° for perfect positioning of the hose
• DIN only - 300 bar
• Weight: <790 g