Wow where did that time go !!

Wow that has gone so fast, I can't believe a week has vanished but not without some great laughs and memories. A few weeks ago I was watching Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip on TV and thinking how lucky they are having the opportunity to spend some special time with their best mates. It was when I was sat at Deep Blue planning the morning dive I realised I was also as lucky as Gordon, Gino and Fred, I too am spending some special time with my mates. It's not only the diving that these trips are about its about bonding, looking out for each other both under the water but also above, from making lunch for the gang, being the beer boy obviously after we'd finished the days diving. We were all wondering how Fuerteventura had survived the Pandemic wondering if our favourite restaurant, bar was still there. Thankfully most of them have survived, some have perished !! Personal friends had lost their lively hood and left the Island, some sadly had passed away.

 One thing for sure Deep Blue was still standing and looking as good as ever.


Rolle and Volka were looking as good as ever, Rolle the fittest I have ever seen him, some new staff working incredibly hard to keep things going to schedule. That is until we rock up and totally cock the whole schedule up, which to Volker’s annoyance is the usual case.

A week goes so fast trying to cram as much diving and fun in as possible. Eating in some great restaurants, O’ Fado Portuguese restaurant was voted the best night of the week, It’s always a favourites of mine Cheers Helena & Américo I would have no problem recommending this place, Fado Rock went down well but just lacked something in my mind.


We were blessed with some great weather and flat seas which meant we could get out to a new site in Novo Horizonte which has some amazing topography.

Barranco and Anfiteatro were teaming with life.


To be honest I personally saw Turtles, Angel Sharks, Rays, Octopus, zillions of sardines the list is endless, it was a life full week. We all had an awesome week both in the water and out.

We are already making some exciting plans for next year, watch this space.


So a big thanks to Rolle and Volka for allowing us the freedom and sharing your awesome dive centre with us. And a big cheers to all the Bespoke gang that made it such a great trip.


                                                                           Until next time!!