The start of Mark Abbotts journey

That’s it sat on the plane to Fuerteventura Mark is booked in for 9 o’clock in the morning, first day of his crossover. I remember when I was on the plane for my IDC I was stressing about the work in front of me and it scared the hell out of me, obviously what if I failed.I had put myself under so much pressure to pass as an instructor I had made plans for the future and none of them included failures. 

I had got a dive compressor,a large amount of school kit, all ready to teach with. I wasn’t able too as I wasn’t an instructor. I had to pass I couldn’t fail, obviously the wrong way round become an instructor, then get the gear, I think that’s how your meant to do it.

Well, lucky for me it worked out, let’s hope Marks dreams are met and Henrik guides him through the crossover, Mark being an active Padi assistant instructor for years  will hopefully find it easier than me. The way SSI teach is totally different than Padi and in my mind miles better, that’s why I crossed over myself.

                        IMG_0816 2.JPG           30738878_2033472023591413_443744457207530309_n.jpg

 We have different philosophies, as an instructor our job is to facilitate and not stand and preach, involving the students all the way making learning fun.

Instructing people to reach there dreams whether it’s to become an Open Water Diver, Master Diver or taking them all the way to become a SSI Professional, that’s what we are here for. Why would you not let someone reach their potential and hold them back?

I’m here to support Mark anyway I can from sandwich boy, tea boy to a helping buddy, what ever is needed for him to succeed and become a SSI Assistant Instructor.

Never look back always look forward!! That’s the future not the past!

Here we go!