Sat On A Plane


I can’t believe I’m here again sat on a plane looking forward to the next two weeks.                                                                                   

I'm so glad to be leaving the wet and cold UK.




Staring out of the window looking at the blue sky’s above and the clouds below,  I started to think how I’ve been so lucky meeting some amazing people through diving. Many have become great friends and dive buddy’s for life.



I still have to pinch myself, every time I put my Deep Blue shirt on and go to the dive shows I’m so proud to be part of a great team. Some great memories have been made with the Deep Blue family. I now have the chance to make memories for other friends and divers through Bespoke Diving Adventures and our growing family.


        IMG_1994JPG      IMG_1991JPG



I’m really proud to put my bespoke shirts on now, when I see someone wearing one it makes me smile, a great family, a great team.

Who would have thought that I would now be the owner of a Award winning dive centre in sunny Doncaster.

At the Coventry Dive Show I was shocked to be the proud Winner of the SSI UK Dive Centre Award 2018 and also the SSI UK Student Development Instructor of the year Award 2018, who says hard work doesn’t pay off.





I’m passionate about diving and I hope that shows while I’m teaching, the whole SSI ethics I can get behind because it works, and I believe it. How can you become a diver without diving, how can you gain more experience more skills without diving. Once qualified you need to go diving. Join a club, go for weekend to Capernwray or a day at Eight Acre.

But one thing is true if you don’t dive you won’t gain anymore experience.

I have been blessed with the support of a great wife Charlotte and a great team around me giving me support and advice. Being an instructor definitely has changed my life for the better, but it has brought a lot of responsibility, especially while in the waters either in the uk or abroad. 

I have always strived to be the best I can be in anything I have done though life, and while instructing I want to make the experience the best I can for my students. I want them to feel safe and be part of a team, be part of our family.  

I think about a mother dropping off her daughter at the classroom then watching her  take her first breath underwater in the pool then eventually open water, how anxious she would be trusting me and my team with her daughter. That’s where I hope my experience comes through, the experience of my staff and our passion for diving.

                     IMG_2139JPG                 IMG_2141JPG

We are always working under the strict SSI Code Of Practice the HSE Code Of Practice making sure everyone is safe both in and out of the water.

All our students are insured while working with us for free, all our kit is serviced when needed, our air is checked quarterly as required by HSE. 

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                                                               So let’s see what this trip has to offer.

                                                               What experiences we have.

                                                               How many memories can we make.

                                                               Can we put a smile on everyone’s face.

                                                               But most of all can we have FUN and be SAFE.