Planned Trip to Eyemouth and our stay with Gary from Divestay

Our planned trip to Eyemouth and our stay with Gary the owner of Divestay


It is always difficult trying to plan trips around everybody’s work commitments and life in general. We have managed a few trips this year diving in the UK and also over to Deep Blue in Fuerteventura.

With the possibility of a trip over to Egypt next year which would be fun and obviously a few more trips to see Gary and his crew.

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Mark and I drove up to Eyemouth on the Wednesday afternoon, the drive was steady we pulled into Eyemouth Harbour and we were both nicely surprised how close to the harbour the hotel was. We parked in the hotel carpark which was free and there we were met by Danny the chef and to be honest a top bloke. He took us up to our room which was unbelievable , it had 4 beds, ensuite, coffee making facilities, tv all the bedding was nice and clean, the view out of the window of the old harbour was really nice. Very nice indeed.

We went out for a beer and something to eat and that was that.


I’d forgot how loud seagulls were and it never got dark, whats that all about. We had a loverly breakfast in the restaurant which set us up for the day, we were booked on the boat for 12-30 got our kit together and we were off. The sea was calm but a tad cold at around 10 deg the visibility was really good around 10mtr, we did a site Mark had always wanted to dive Weasel Lock and then Leaguer Buss. They were both full of lobsters, Crabs a little Octupuss and some really nice Sun starfish.

The boat was very roomie and comfortable and the diving was topped of with a nice cuppa in-between dives a great day was had by all.

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The resident seals followed the boat back into the harbour which was nice to see. We put the kit in the van, back to the room a nice shower a beer then food.

That evening Alex the reigning Miss Scuba UK joined us and  booked into her room . I had a look into all the rooms and they were all of a good standard and quality. 

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We had been invited to have a look around the Eyemouth RLNI Lifeboat which was very informative and enjoyable the existing boat cost 1.2 million and what a boat it is it, self-righting in 5.5 seconds, this is to be replaced later this year with a new one costing just over 2 million I personally think it’s a amazing thing these men and women do, hats off to you all !!! A Big thank you to Andy and Danny for sorting it out for us.


We were booked on the boat for 11 o’clock another great day ahead.

Alex was completing her SSI Boat Speciality while diving, she was really excited to be finally diving in the UK seas, the weather was exceptional and sunny. I’d taken my seasickness tablets so I was happy.

We did 2 dives west Hurkur and Thrummie Carr again the vis was good and the seabed was alive with critters and even some large cod.

Alex completed SSI Boat Speciality and on doing so also gained her Advanced Open Water Diver Recognition Rating, which is a great achievement.

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Once again the seals joined us coming back into the harbour. Kit of the boat and in the van and we’re on the road home.

So would I recommend staying with Gary at Divestay and would I recommend diving with Gary on Wavedancer most definitely  I would.

We stayed at The Ship’s Quarters which was exceptional, Danny the chief couldn’t be nicer and Gary certainly knows his stuff, they make a great team. It's no wounder they are always busy so book early to avoid disappointment.

Ho I forgot to mention In fact we’ve booked again for September and I can’t wait.




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                                                                      Happy days the seasickness tablets worked again