My first blog post

Hi just a little about myself I'm currently a SSI Instructor and the proud owner of Bespoke Diving Adventures a small diver trainning centre with a Mares Retail area based in Doncaster. Our main passion is safe and fun diving, training and trips abroad. We organise training both home and abroad the choice is yours with our Bespoke training you will be amazed how quick you can learn how to become a comfortable diver.

I started diving in 2004 while on holiday in Fuerteventura with Deep Blue. Rolland Martensson and John Rowley helped me through my Padi Open Water I came away from that holiday hooked on diving. I would never have thought from that moment my passion for scuba diving, teaching and the need to share the underwater enviroment has driven me this far. Don't get me wrong there has been a lot of hard work, some moments when I've wondered if it is all worth it but believe me it is.

From that holiday I couldn't wait to get back to Deep Blue to further my diving experiences and education, which I did year after year. Then one day while at the dive centre Rolle suggested that I did my Dive Masters over in the UK, Ummm in the cold waters of the UK. Yep, I jumped straight in, I meet a local dive centre owner, organised the course and got on with it, 2 years later I had my Dive Masters under my belt. Alot of early mornings and hard work but I did enjoy it, well some of it.

Then I heard about SSI, who was it, what was the difference between SSI and Padi. I started to look into it more, and the more information I found, the better I liked it. The opertunity came for me to crossover from a Padi Dive Master to a SSI Dive Master again over at Deep Blue then to progress to SSI Dive Con (assistant Instructor). The day came when I sat with Rolle in the office and asked if he could sort out my instructors course. It was the most stressful 2 weeks of my life but the most life changing at the same time. I cann't thank Henrik Aarrenstrup enough for guilding me from Dive Master to Instructor, he is one hell of a instuctor and now a very good freind. 

Sometimes I have to pinch myself while diving, I have the privilege to witness awesome marine life in its own enviroment, see the aftermath of historic sea battles it truly can be mesmerising. These experiences I can now share with my students and freinds alike. 

I remind my students and myself there is always some learning to be done, this is how we gain experience, knowledge and new skills. Your are always learning, conditions may change, currents may change, students abilitys may change their is always something new to gain experience from.