Moving Forward With some sound advise

 So I had the opportunity to meet Doug McNeese one of the founders of SSI along with Richard Corner head of SSI and Mares in the UK. I was at that time a Dive Con and had my date for my Instructors Course over at Deep Blue. I told him about my dream of instructing over here in the UK and taking my students over to Deep Blue to finish the course in the warmer waters and the sunshine. I explained that if my first dive in the UK waters was at the begining of my diving, it would have ended there and then my suit had flooded I was so cold. I couldn't stop shaking, luckily I'd dived over 150 dives at Deep Blue and I knew this was a means to a end, I needed to pass my Drysuit course to progress as a diver.

Doug looked at me and said "Well make sure when you pass your instructors, your students don't have the same experience, make it better for them, make sure they have the best experience they can, thats what we want from our SSI instuctors". From that day that's what I've strived to do, make sure my students have a great experience both in the water and out, making diving safe and fun.

We sat and chatted for about a hour discussing my plans and what I needed to do and how to do it without breaking SSI standards. I had a lot of hard work in front of me but I've never shied away from hard work. Two years later hear I am writing a Blog and the proud owner of Bespoke Diving Adventures, hard work does pay off.

I have met and contiue to meet some great people through diving, some have become lifelong freinds.

So I have to thank Doug McNeese for the advise, and Richard Corner for all the work he has done with me regarding the dive centre.