Moving Forward and dragging Mark Abbott with me

 I am incredibly lucky I have a great wife who has helped and supported me all the way from a open water diver to a dive centre owner, but also I have a structure of really great mates who have helped me on my journey to where I am now.

One of these close friends Mark Abbott is about to embark on a life changing journey, we are flying out to Deep Blue for Mark to crossover from Padi to SSI Assistant Instructor. He has met Henrik before when we have been over on diving trips but never been in the classroom with him, lets hope Henrik can work his magic on Mark. It's going to be a busy few days for him, It will be quite nice not to be the one under pressure, I can actually go over and chill have a few pleasure dives and proberbly do a bit of instucting if needed. But one things for sure we'll have a ball. Deep Blue and its staff are part of my family even with all the coming and going of staff we still stay intouch via facebook and emails. The diving comunity is truly special. Only last week I was talking with a diving buddy and freind Rob who is over in Mexico having a ball, asking him what the diving was like. Who knoes I might suprise him and pop over for a holiday with Charlotte for a bit of diving and sun.

Mark has been a intricate part of Bespoke Diving Adventures and once crossed over to SSI, he will play a larger roll I hope. I look forward to working with Mark in the future making diving safe and fun. I will post juring and after the trip to Deep Blue just to let you no how we got on. Good Luck Mark Abbott.