From teaching on the beach and classroom to teaching on Zoom - How to keep diving during lockdown!

A far cry from just a few months ago where we were teaching in our various classrooms in Thailand, the Philippines and Mark’s SSI showroom; the age of SSI’s digital learning has taken on a new step! Enter the virtual world of Webinars and Zoom teaching! For all of you that know Mark well.... technology is not his forte- unless it’s a dive computer... but he’s hitting it out of the park after numerous days of being glued to the computer and some guidance from Craig with his digital prowess! Or should we say we heckled Mark with some friendly, well humoured banter, as would be expected in the Bespoke Diving Adventures family.


 With SSI’s proactive approach to keeping divers active during these unprecedented times, we, as dive professionals have been working hard to bring you interactive, fun and engaging seminars and video meetings on a wide scope of courses, particularly the Science of Diving.


 Teaching in front of the screen is certainly very different... especially when trying to figure out where the camera is to show something, if it’s showing it the correct way or in reverse... all problems which we have solved with great laughter but it could be the new normal for sometime and as a Dive Centre that is not on everyone of our divers’ door steps, this maybe the way we move forwards with our academic sessions to save travelling back and forth. For now, there are two aims to our zoom meetings, of course the first is to review, explain and provide context to the reading materials and answer any questions, but secondly (and equally as important), is to provide a social platform for you to interact and have fun as part of the Bespoke Diving Adventures team. We recognise that spending all day, everyday in your house is not easy and for those at work, again, it can be tiresome and our aim is to provide something to help you be productive, socialise and ultimately not sit in the bathtub in your diving gear! Although, I believe this may be too late for some of us... Craig.... Mark and myself included!

For myself and Mark it has certainly provided structure to our days and excitement to be staying in touch with the activity and place we love the most... underwater in our scuba gear and we are positive that continuing your diving education online can do the same for you too!


We cannot wait to get back into the water, just like many of you reading this. All we can say is.... at least it’s warming up and we will be back doing our in-water training and diving as soon as is deemed safe to do so! All we can do for now is stay in touch with the underwater world through social media, the blue planet series of course and completing the academic learning so when the time arrives we can hit the water finning!

Stay safe,

Kerry & Mark