Diving into the Blue Hole

During lockdown we’ve all missing our usual days out diving, obviously a lot of my diving colleagues have been lucky enough to carry on. Some I have recently deleted due to jealousy more than anything, they have been posting ridicules photos of them diving in clear warm water. Luke Coley diving in Mexico has posted some awesome photos of him diving and guiding in the Mexican Cenotes at Tulum. Cheers Luke for the photos, they truly are brill. If anyone has Mexico on there bucket list Luke is definitely you man I no it’s on mine.


It has made me so jealous I had to delete him as a friend. We’ve all seen that Rolle and the gang over at Deep Blue Fuerteventura have been busy diving there too, the weather has also been unbelievable and so has been the diving, I’ve also deleted the lot of them, good riddance you happy lucky lot. Ha Ha!!

So I decided to have a gentle dive today into the Blue Hole I recently found, during Lockdown.
Is this what it's come too !!

155102237_841594826405922_6190127034024876788_njpg                      155338742_255482486181410_4574455811123127150_njpg

Preparation is key when diving in such tight spaces I hummed and ard over diving with my side mount equipment or using my trusty back-mount gear the later I decided to use, due to the giant stride entrance.

After doing a pre dive check I made a steady climb up to the entrance, the Finns made the climb a bit tricky but I finally made it to the entrance.


Looking down at the entrance I new it was going to be a bit of a squeeze but the water looked as clear as gin.

Once through the square entrance and after I’d got my eyes to focus I could see that there was an abundance of litter everywhere, things like cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and what seemed to be the aftermath of a very long lockdown hundreds of empty larger cans.

During the dive I decided to pick up as much as I could, a bit of an underwater cleanup, using my Blue Ocean collection bag. These will get plenty of use once we can all escape. 

IMG_3440 2jpg

My dive was coming to an end I'd run up a couple of minutes of deco so I just spent my time looking at the calories and the contents of the various empty cans I'd picked up. 

Then it came to the squeeze out, a bit problematic but made it out unharmed.

IMG_3443 2jpg

Until next time I truly can't WAIT!!!!!!!!