Charlotte Fly's In From Switzerland

I meet Charlotte over at Deep Blue in Fuerteventura a few years ago, we've dived a few times together. Last time we meet up, Charlotte  told me that she wanted to do her  Drysuit course. This would then open the opportunity to do some cold water diving back home in Switzerland . So that was that, dates were sorted and a bit of a plan made up.

I collected Charlotte from Leeds Bradford Airport on a sunny afternoon, we chatted all the way home about what we were going to do over the next few days. 

 The next day we  spent in the classroom going though the Drysuit manual also explaining how the SSI app works, I also crossed over all Charlottes Padi cards to the equivalent  SSI cards.


Then the day came we’d loaded the van, off we went to Eight Acre, an inland dive centre near Hull. It was a sunny day, we got kitted up and giant strides into the lake, it was a cool 6 degrees burrrr, I looked at Charlottes face, she definitely didn’t expect that.           

These are Charlottes words about her time spent with us.

Even though I have been diving since 2008 my experience in diving wasn’t full filled. The reason for this is, that I only have been diving in warmer water. But the most nice dive sites are in cold water. After I had spoken with Mark about the beautiful underwater world in colder water I decided to do the dry suit course with Bespoke Diving Adventures.

So the only thing I had to do was booking a flight over to the UK and all the rest was organised by Mark. Big thank you to Mark.

What I really appreciate was that I could study the theory in advance because of the very easy to handle SSI app.

To make sure that I had understood everything I went to the class room of Mark in Doncaster. It’s a very nice class room with all essentials things students wish. With a lot of patient Mark went through the theory and answered all my questions very professionally. 

After passing the test I had a better feeling of what would be expected of me the next day. 

Back at Mark’s home we started to plan and organise the diving for the next day. Because of the selection of kit Bespoke Diving Adventures hold and the experience of Mark I found a drysuit  the right size. Also my reg was prepared for the dry suit diving by Mark. All packed in the van I was really excited for the next day. I had also a very good feeling because of the day before the diving preparation which was showing me how professional, Bespoke Diving Adventures works.

Next day diving Eight Arce lake.

It was a very nice sunny April day and a lot of divers had the same idea but we still could park the van very close to the lake. After checking our gear and a short briefing it was time to get into the suit. I was a little bit straggling but Mark had always a helping hand. I noticed directly the difference of warm water diving when I had to go down to the water. Never had I had so many weights on me and because of the gloves I felt a little bit helpless. But my buddy Mark had everything checked so I had directly a better feeling.

    IMG_1938.JPG            IMG_1936.JPG

Jump into the water and surprise surprise I didn’t felt cold and no water came into my suit. I was also very surprised that the visibility was so good, I directly liked it. We dived over to a little platform to do some exercise. So after these exercises I really felt comfortable underwater and was surprised that it wasn’t that difficult to find the perfect bouncy. Thank to Mark my perfect teacher.

    IMG_7800.JPG            IMG_7798.JPG

I only can recommend  to you the diving with Bespoke Diving Adventures and the site Eight Arce lake. There you can see fishes, helicopter and a lot of other interesting things. For sure I will dive again with Bespoke Diving Adventures I finally found a school which is very professional  the staff very helpful and where you can trust the people. You can enjoy the diving and you don’t have to worry about anything.

I also have to thank Rob for navigating us around the lake.

To do this course with Bespoke Diving Adventures was one of my best things I have done in my life and I will always keep it in my memories.


Not only did Charlotte recive her SSI Drysuit Speciality but she also recived an Speciality Diver Recognition Card, 500 Diver Recognition card 

                           We had a great time with Charlotte and I look forward to our next Adventures