Boom we're at it again giving away another free SSI program.


We're at it again during the first lockdown we at Bespoke Diving Adventures gave away over 50 Science Of Diving programs for free. SSI gave more than 50,000 world wide to a value of $3.5 million in retail value.

Since we are all in lockdown again and all missing our diving. SSI and Bespoke Diving Adventures can offer you the opportunity to sign up for the digital kit and certification for THE MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRAM. This is one of many " dry Specialities " we can offer. We can still have some fun even in these bonkers times.


The program is for adults, children, divers and none divers alike. it has no in water training  and can be completed anywhere you are, home, sat in the garden, at work (wink, wink)or even at school (wink, wink,wink). You can do the program at your own pace when you can get the computer of the kids after all their homeschooling or learn together with the kids.

If your interested in this unique opportunity and getting the free Marine ecology program, where  you will gain the general understanding of the complex and exciting science of marine ecology, this is the study of the interaction of organisms with the environment and the links between them, the link between the different marine ecosystems.


Whats next
If your already registered with us please either email us asking for us to register you for the program or message us via Facebook.
If you're not registered with us please do so via the MySSI App, or our website we can talk you through the process or we can register you we will need the following emailed to us.
Date of birth
Email address 


The registration deadline will be open until March 31st and runs until September 30th when all incomplete programs will be deleted. After completion you will receive a digital card and a digital Diploma which can be printed and proudly displayed. I no I'm proud of mine.