Being a newly qualified Open Water Diver

I remember when I was a newly qualified Open Water Diver, I was constantly falling out with myself about my air usage and my buoyancy. I always felt I was spoiling my buddy’s dives because I used my air so fast. 

I have since found out thats not how it works, we all had to start somewhere, no diver minds helping out another diver with advice or just by being a good buddy. If we were honest we’ve all had that dive where we didn’t feel right.

Being rushed while getting our kit ready, driving up to the harbour for ropes off at silly o’clock, then getting there late and rushing to get everything sorted before you miss the boat. That stress needs leaving behind, diving needs to be stress free, what can be a small problem on the surface can be a larger problem when diving.

For me I think the moment I dived into UK waters for the first time, and not being able to see my finns in the gloomy water was a shock. Only diving at Deep Blue before with the clear waters over there and the great visibility, it was a shock! I did wonder what the hell was I doing. But once your eyes adapt to the light and your torch start to make a difference it became more enjoyable.

It was the same when I went down to the plane at Capernwray for the first time it was a little daunting but once you’ve done it a few times it’s great fun, and a great training area which I now use all the time. 


EPSON001 2.jpg    EPSON001 3.jpg




It only feels like yesturday when I qualified as an Open Water Diver. I can't belive how young I look!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I have memories and experiances that will stay with me forever seeing my first Octopus, first Ray, First Angel Shark the list is endless and still growing. Every dive you see new things gain more experiences. You just need to take your time and take it all in.

So for all you newly qualified Divers don’t despair you aren’t spoiling your buddy’s dives, your making each others diving memories, some will be more memorable than others thats for sure.

For me showing someone a Angel Shark for the first time, while over at Deep Blue in Fuerteventura is a amazing feeling. Without people like Rolle, Henrick, Volka, and Mark Abbott, and too many others to list, taking the time to help me too become a diver, taking the time to teach and advice me, making diving safe and fun.

So don’t worry keep diving, gaining more experience and skills, your air consumption will get better your buoyancy will improve. There’s one thing for sure, it won’t if you don’t dive.

I love being an SSI Diving instructor and sharing experiences with others, it’s what makes it all Worth while.