Amazing Dive site At Nuevo Horizonte


What an amazing dive experience at Nuevo Horizonte.

On special occasions when the tides are right, In fact everything has to be just right.

We can plan a dive to a new dive site at Nuevo Horizonte, the divers have to be well organised and be a minimum, an Advanced Diver. 

The captain also has to be organised. Not having a buoy to mark the site or moor the Rib to means we’re relying on him to drop us in the right place. We had the awesome captain Volker he dropped us right where we needed to be.

You could see the rock formations change as we made our way to the dive site.

It’s quite unbelievable how the formation changes, it actually looks man made or created by beings from another planet. 

It’s just like the Giants Causeway in Ireland, It really looks like someone has sat with a chisel and a mallet and carved all the columns. Maybe they even used a grinder to form them, or even as a spaceship took off it melted all the rock to form the columns.

IMG_0637.JPG IMG_0635.JPG

But none of the above are right the Basalt Columns, are a result of a ancient volcanic eruption. The columns were formed when molten rock was forced up through fissures in the earth to form a lava plateau. During one intense period of volcanic activity, rapidly cooling lava contracted and the differences in the cooling rate led to the formation of hexagonal basalt columns.

IMG_0662.JPG      IMG_0644.JPG

The tops of these columns form steppingstones that lead from the cliff foot and disappear under the sea. Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are some with four, five, seven or eight sides and vary in heights. 

We reached the site pretty quick, Volker gave us our orders, I had already briefed everyone at the dive centre. All divers were ready, Volker counted 3 2 1 then we all went into the water together doing a negative entry. Into the blue we went descending to around 25 mtr, slowly making our way to the reef wall.

What a amazing sight, the basalt columns everywhere, you would think that the water movement would ware them away, but no they are perfectly formed.


We had a dive around to see what else we could find. We found a large Angel Shark,

some lovely fans and a couple of octopus, but for me it’s the rock formations that make the dive.


At 70 bar I sent up my smb and dived back out to the blue away from the shore, we all did our safety stop mid water, then surfaced to be greeted by Volker our captain.

What a great dive. What a great day.

IMG_0634.JPG            IMG_0638.JPG

                                                                                    Memory's made for ever