After What seems a lifetime !!

After a pandemic-enforced absence from diving and all the long and hard meditation on being a better diver and a better person. People may want a little coaching or guidance or , perhaps , a bit of instruction. Maybe even taking that course you've been putting off (even if it is in a mucky quarry).

With good training, focused practice, time, and experience diving gets easier and easier and more fun. But that comes only with diving (not making sourdough).

There is no question the pandemic has changed things. Perchance we can take advantage of the opportunity to make sure it's changed us for the better.

We can dream we will be diving again, traveling again, making memories again,

                                                      Cheers to that !!


Well, we are hopefully getting back to some normality even if I am sat on an plane with a mask on. Deep Blue here I come 2 years later than expected but at least I’m on my way.

Thankfully we’ve kept diving in the UK and I’ve been incredibly lucky and privileged teaching some great guys throughout this pandemic bonkers ness, some even gaining there professional status.

It’s an awesome feeling being able to take a student from an Open Water Diver to an SSI Professional, the amount of work, passion and dedication it takes from the students to go through that journey is immense. They have all absolutely smashed it with flying colours and it has been our pleasure.

Making great memories, friendships that will last forever.

Deep Blue has always been a massive part of my life not only for the diving but for the friends I have made, many now I would class as family, being part of the Deep Blue family makes me feel very proud.

Now I’m lucky enough to be building an awesome team around Bespoke Diving Adventures, as we all grow and gain experiences, making memories and new friends, joining the Bespoke family, wow I’m proud of that.


In life some opportunities fall in your path being a diving instructor was one of those opportunities, I have never looked back and I will only look forward. Making new goals as I smash the old goal, why not want to be the best you can be and strive forward.

Early in my diving career some people tried to hold me back shame on you, you should let the person flourish and be the best they can be, help them along the sometimes hard road.

Never doubt your ability, putting your mind into action you can overcome many a bumpy road.


Well that’s the landing call, Deep Blue here I come.

                                                        Cheers To That !!!!!!!