A great weekends diving with Rob, Rhys, Connor and Alex

The weekend had been planned for a few months Rob had booked the accommodation, he and his family were staying on after the weekend for a few days chilling. The lodge was, and is out of this world with stunning views across Capernwray dive centre and the Lakes.

                                We couldn’t have asked for better weather it was a scorcher all weekend.


The dive centre was filling up nicely as we arrived  Saturday morning, we found a spot in the sun, unfortunately it was a bit of a walk to the waters edge. You were certainly desperate to get into the water by the time you got there. The water temperature was a cool 9 deg which is 4 deg warmer than the last me we were up, which did make a massive difference.

We meet Rob, Rhys and Connor in the car park and they started to get their kit together, we were going to be busy with courses over the weekend Rob and Rhys were completing there  SSI Wreck Speciality, Connor was completing his SSI Drysuit Speciality. 

Alex the reigning Miss Scuba UK had drove down to join us for the day, she was completing her SSI Nitrox 40% Speciality.

Everybody worked hard and completed the necessary tasks which were put in front of them.

                       IMG_0854.JPG             IMG_0855.JPG

 Alex soon got to grips with analysing nitrox cylinders, filling out the Nitrox & Mixed Gas Filling Station Logbook, setting up her dive computer for Nitrox diving, and even getting to grips with the Maximum Operating Depths of various Nitrox mixes, and the CNS “CLOCK”Exposure Time Table. Alex passed her course and moved closer to gaining her Advanced Open Water Diver Training Recognition Rating, well done.

Connor worked really hard to change from a wetsuit diver to a drysuit diver, it does take time to change from one to the other.

                                   DSCF3078.JPG         DSCF3085.JPG

It took me personally around 15 to 20 dive before I felt comfortable in a drysuit, having only dived over at Deep Blue in a wetsuit before, so I know how hard it to crossover. So any new divers out there struggling please perceiver and don’t give up it is worth it in the end. Connor did persevere and on his 3rd dive did look and feel a lot more comfortable, passing the speciality with flying colours. Well done buddy.

Rob and Rhys had a plane to map which I hoped they enjoyed, the visibility was a lot better on that side of the lake, making it easier to map and measure the plane. Rob completed his 50th dive and after completing the Speciality Rob moved closer to his goal of becoming a SSI Master Diver, not far to go now Rob, well done buddy. You also moved closer to gaining your Advanced Open Water Training Recognition Rating, well done you.


Rhys completed the SSI Wreck Speciality and also gained his Speciality Diver recognition Rating, well done buddy.

Really well done to you all, a good weekend was had by all. 

Thanks Mark Abbott for your assistance your a star I couldn't manage to put all these smiles on very happy poeple with out your help.


                                                                                                                            UNTILL NEXT TIME