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The 82X balanced membrane first stage is compact, lightweight and has an attractive look. Equipped with an AST system that creates an anti-infiltration protection that keeps the first stage dry in every situation. Available in DIN or INT versions.

The 82X first stage has a 360° swivel turret. The special design of the HP ports (OPD) allows the high-pressure hose and/or computer transmitter to be pre-oriented at all times, regardless of the position of the first stage, offering maximum comfort. Equipped with natural DFC on all low pressure ports.
The 82X is a balanced membrane first stage. Thanks to this feature, it always guarantees top performance and reliability at any depth and with any input pressure. Careful study of air flow has made it possible to optimise internal air passage that guarantees natural DFC, obtaining high air flow on all the low pressure ports.
The new AST (Auto-Sealing Technology) anti-flooding system is incorporated as standard in the 82X first stage: the system is automatically activated by air flow without any mechanical solution for maximum reliability and creates anti-flooding protection that keeps the first stage dry in all conditions.
The forging process used to make the body results in a compact, lightweight and attractive looking product, making the 82X first stage unique. It is available in INT or DIN versions.